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Maid For A Day by momoxtoshiro  T. Usui/ Misaki. Usui catches a little spring fever and Misaki is requested to come over; in her maid outfit! After she takes care of him, Usui repays her a bit; with a massage!
Those Three Words by altessara  K+. Usui/Misaki. Because in the end, you just need those three words to feel powerless.
Loveless Lies by ShyKneeStardust  K+. Usui. The only thing Misaki has that Takumi doesn't and is envious of it.


One More Time by sakana-chan63  Not Complete. K+. Misaki/Usui. Misaki Ayuzawa is now the principal of Seika High and one day decided to head over to Maid Latte again to see her old friends. Despite all that, there is still another person she'd like to see one more time...
Stranger in my Arms by Mochi-luver  Complete. T. Misaki. AU. For three years, Misaki accepted her husband's death, now she found out he's alive. This man who claims to be her husband is everything she dreams of, but is this her husband who changed his heartless ways or is it an impostor?
A Retelling of My Story by ILoveUchuu-jins  Not Complete. T. Usui/Misaki. I've heard tons of story being told about me and the people related to me. But never have I found one that actually portrays how I feel. So, here's a retelling of my story – with a touch of reality mixed in.


… ?  I really like how only the blush is in color
Usui Misaki by karielle05
Aoi-chan by DeadStarDragon

Usui Section:

Usui Takumi by Daisy8D
Top 10 Hottest Animated Guys! by DiaDomiBee  Finally a list that has our alien in his rightful place.
A bunch of Usui  I could stare at this all day!

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