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76th Course



Windy by Perserverance  K+. Usui/Misaki. A serious accident leaves Seika High's Demon Prez confronting her emotions.
Prized Possession by Twinle Earthling  T. Usui/Misaki. She was none other than; My Prized Possession, Misaki Ayuzawa. she was blushing for heaven's sake. Who could have thought that our 'Demon Prez' has her girlish side?
School Festival by Sh1n33  T. Yukimura & Kanou. Kanou Soutarou, a new student who came to Seika High school. During the school festival, which he refused to participate in but he had to, he starts making friends with Yukimura Shouichirou.


THE FEELING OF LOVE by Geeti Ara  Not Complete. T. Usui/Misaki. Misaki and her family move and she starts at a new school. On her second day she meets someone that will tease and torment her endlessly. A someone that happens to be a blonde perverted alien.
Second Time Around by bakamonogatari  Not Complete. T. Usui/Misaki. "And if I were to be reborn, even in my next life I would still love you." When the time comes where we have to part, and if someday we are forced to say goodbye, will your feelings always stay the same?
How I Met The Prince by natsu-no-sora  Not Complete. T. Usui/Misaki. AU. An ordinary summer day turns out to be the life-changing corner for me. Stupid flower, stupid pheromones, stupid gorgeous prince. Oh, did I mention he's a super pervert? *sigh* This story is pretty much how a pauper like me, met the prince.


Hug by Karielle05
Misaki Ayuzawa by akumaLoveSongs
Misaki and Usui drawing by mitchiegloria  Despite what the author says about this I think this picture is really good!

Usui Section:

Usui playing the guitar by DiZziMeh
Omelet by saugeil  This is so cool looking!
Takumi Usui drawing by Anastasia1312

Side Dish:

Chapter 75 is translated!!

Maid Note:

I hope you all enjoyed this entry! I realized yesterday that it was Misaki’s birthday but I didn’t have time to find things just about her so instead this entry is dedicated to her! Happy Birthday Misa!!

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