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80th Course



Sleep Watching by woolSmynx  K+. Misaki. Something is... wrong, and it's starting to freak Misaki out. It's the middle of the night too. What is that awful... presence that seems to be stalking her? It couldn't have anything to do with...? Could it? Mainly Misaki with an alternate ending.
Pain and Gain by momoxtoshiro  K+. Usui/Misaki. Misaki hurts her shoulder at school and tries to hide it. But of course, nothing can get past Usui...
Say It Louder by Crimson Tranquility  K+. Usui/Misaki. "Shall we play, Ayuzawa?" "And if I don't?" she challenged.Emerald eyes sparkled mischievously."Then I'm sure we can spend our time doing something else," Usui murmured, his deep voice suddenly huskier as he leaned over her, his face moving towards hers.


My maid by appleslikeaboss  Not Complete. K+. Usui/Misaki.
Pink Lipstick by Twinkle Earthling  Not Complete. T. Usui/Misaki. Love an intense feeling of deep affection and personal attachment. What if your loved ones betrayed you? Could you imagined the pain you had to go through? will you still have the courage to believe in Love again?
612: A Fraction of Love by ZillionStars  Not Complete. T. Usui/Misaki. A crazy dream. A sleazy cat. A bouquet of roses. Lacy Underwear. Feisty Misaki and Pervert Takumi celebrates their sixth month with a ba-WHAT! One of them forgot! First time author here so be kind and no flames please? :3 How about a Rate and Review? Mwah! *Edited and Buffed* *Still Rated T but would probably be Rated M*


Usui X Misaki
Night by LikeIshizu  Another awesome picture!

Usui Section:

Usui Takumi ~colored pencils~ by FonFon10
Freedom by La-cruciatus
Takumi Usui Lineart by Jacqueline-Andreia

Side Dish:

Chapter 77 is Translated!!

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