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73rd Course!



Breaking Free by ShyKneeStardust [Yukimaru; T] 'I wonder how Yukimaru truly and secretly feels about the world around him - berating him for being himself and the sweetheart he is.' I've never actually read KwMs! poetry fiction before, but I quite liked this, even if it was quite sad.


Dark Masks by PureHearts [MisaUsui; T] 'Misaki is losing it. Too many years of being strong. Too many years of keeping it together. And now she is falling. Will Usui be the one to catch her? Or will she shatter into pieces? What is behind the masks of these two teenagers? WARNING: mild swearing, dark themes.'

Shameful by Moon's Smile [UsuiMisa; T] 'Four years in England really had changed a lot; she hated him now, and yet, he was still madly in love with her. He was going to make her fall for him again, even if she was somebody else's now. After all, he loved playing games, and she hated losing.'

Raining Passion by Xx-Love-NOT-War-xX [UsuiMisa; T] 'Usui Takumi, Ayuzawa Misaki and the rain. How can the weather ignite the hidden feelings between a Demon President and a Perverted Outer Space Alien?'

Kaichou wa maid sama by kuro-mai 
kaichou wa maid sama wallpaper by awesomedesing
Kiss of summer by LikeIshizu
Usui and Misaki Chapter 57 by rainbowsxtifa. Getting ready for Autumn/Winter~

Usui Section
Kaichou Wa Maid-sama e01 11 by AnimESuckeR 
Usui Takumi Icon 02 by shobehikaru 
Usui wallaper by ChibiCookieGirl. I really like how all the manga scans have been blended together.
Towel? by shobehikaru 
Usui - Blush by Anna7045. Cute~

Maid's Note
Sorry some of the fics I've put in this newsletter are a bit dark. It seems every time I look on ff.net, the general quality of writing and basic comprehension of grammar is fading away. Maybe I'm just being pedantic but it really bothers me when a character is speaking and there is no punctuation besides the speech marks. Ugh, it bothers me! I'll stop now...

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