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79th Course



Staring back at by Pinkinsh-Bluish  K. Hinata. He will fight for her, even if the chances are slim. And who knows? Maybe his love can conquer the odds.
I’ll Love You Forever by NekoEngland  K+. Hinata/Misaki. "He would love her forever, no matter what everyone else said." 15 short sentences about Shintani and Misaki.
Psychiatric Analysis by ArielleArcher  K. Suzuna/Hinata. Her role is to notice what others miss.


Giving In by Arvendell  Complete. T. Misaki/Usui. No matter how hard she fight it, in the end she had given in to him, just like what he had done to her.
Takumi’s and Misaki’s Alphabet  by Arvendell  Complete. M. Usui/Misaki. Sequel to Giving In. Changes are bound to happen with the perverted outer-space alien and demon president being involved with each other. There will be moments that personalities would clash, but always, they ended up being even closer.
The 30 Candles of Dread by shushiedchicken  Not Complete. T. Usui/Misaki. It's the first time Seika High School celebrated Halloween, and this idea was made to come true by the help of the new Chairman of the Committee of Festivities, no other than Usui Takumi. Well, while the other students were dancing in the gymnasium, Misaki, Usui, Sakura, Shizuka, and the others decided to play a game. What game, you ask? The 30 candles of Dread.


35 Icons by epic_colours
2 Misaki Icons by elham2010


Misa by Deart94
Heaven of maid!! by carlangas531
Misaki and Shintani by akumaLoveSongs  This is really cute!

Usui Section:

Usui Takumi by neko-mimi02  This is one of my favorite parts of just Usui from the anime.
Let’s Play A Game! by La-cruciatus
Usui by LemonzV  I thought this was really funny!

Side Dish:

Misaki’s Apple Rabbits by CaptainSAizen  I’ve been wanting to do these for a while now!
Chapter 76 is translated

Maid Note:

I hope you all enjoy this update! I also just noticed that this update was unintentionally dedicated to Hinata since he is all over it. :)

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