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81st Course



Flowers in the dustbin by patriciaselina  T. Aoi/Misaki. He loves her and she loves him. There was nothing else left to do about it but some portion of his mind can't stop hoping, and wishing, and regretting every second of doing so. This was not what I was expecting and I really did enjoy it and felt bad for Aoi.
Those Three Words by altessara  K+. Usui/Misaki. Because in the end, you just need those three words to feel powerless.
Musings by SwirlzSmile  K+. Hinata. Hinata's thoughts and feelings on Misaki and Usui.


A Christmas Treat For You by SweetIchigoDaisuki  Complete. T. Usui/Misaki. Misaki finally brought Usui back. However, his fiancee isn't going to let things rest so easily... When Misaki gets unsure of her feelings towards Anne and Usui's relationship, will Anne succeed in breaking them apart? A Christmas Special Usui x Misaki fanfic! ***SPOILERS UP TO KWMS CHAPTER 77***
Protecting my Bodyguard by sushiedchicken  Not Complete. T. Usui/Misaki. Takumi Usui is being targeted. He transfers to Seika high to avoid being caught. He hires Ayuzawa Misaki to be his bodyguard, but what if the roles change?
Rivals for Christmas by manda3575  Not Complete. K+. Usui/Misaki.Christmas is a time for fun and cheer. A pair of rivals or should i say lovers will have themselves a christmas they will never forget.will it be love at first sight? will usui still be the bold one or will misaki be the one who makes the first move?


Sakura and Kuuga by La-cruciatus
You’re pretty cute! by La-cruciatus I have such a soft spot for Hinata/Suzuna
Aoi by DukeAgent17

Usui Section:

Takumi Usui Lineart by saartje95
The Next Walker Heir? by La-cruciatus
Glitter And A Cool Drink by Makishi

Maid Note:

I hope you all enjoy this update! I don't know if Livejournal changed its' update page at all but I had quite a bit of trouble with this post, has anyone else experienced this problem?

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